Robots To The Rescue!

That my most recent Longbox Soapbox also marked the third birthday of Longbox Graveyard was not lost on one of my most considerate correspondents — the enigmatic Mars Will Send No More!

Mars sent birthday wishes via good ol’ fashioned snail mail:

The Unholy Sarcophagus!

The “Unholy Sarcophagus!” I like the sound of that.

And who wouldn’t want a jetpack alien to carry them away to adventure?

robots to the rescue!

That girl is going to get windburn!

This post card would be right at home in my Science Fiction Pulp Gallery. As is, it’s going on the bulletin board out in my Secret Headquarters.

Thanks for the kind thoughts, Mars!

(And if you haven’t visited in awhile, be sure to mouse over to Mars Will Send No More for an eclectic mixture of comics, fine art, and surprises!)


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