Man Cave Monday: Windows of the Soul


It’s been months since my previous Man Cave Monday entry, but I thought I’d wrap things up, for now, with one more post — about the windows in my Secret Headquarters!

The windows in my garage Sanctum Sanctorum look out on … trash cans. Yuck. Not much of a view!


Since my den of inequity requires little sunlight, I thought it might be nifty to transform those windows into display space for art.

I hunted around on the intertubes, and dug up some removable, self-sticking wall decals that were perfectly-sized for my windows.

The decals are shipped in rolls …

Tube City

… which are unrolled, and applied with surprisingly little effort to flat surfaces — like walls, or windows!

Window Thor!

With a decal applied to each window, it can look like a Silver Age church when the light shines through …

Silver Age Church!

I’ve actually had these decals up for several months, but I was holding off on posting until the whole thing was “finished” — I wanted to put a simple valance across the top of the window, to finish and frame the whole presentation (this is why we didn’t center the decals, leaving more space at the top).

However … we never did get that valance built, so I am going to declare this one “done” — and not least of which because it seems certain that I will be moving my secret headquarters in the next month or two.

That’s right, sports fans, no sooner do we get my man cave all tricked out and perfect that we are going to sell our house!

But that is a story for another time!

For now, enjoy the windows!



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  1. “For now,” indeed–I imagine the proximity to the sunlight would cause the coloring on those decals to fade, no? (Unless their backing provided some level of protection?) If you weren’t moving, you could invest in an awning. 🙂


    • I’m actually really impressed with the way these decals have held up. There hasn’t been the first suggestion of peeling or fading. Over time I expect the color will fade, but they already have a kind of faded/antique look to begin with.


  2. Dean Compton

    Those are freaking awesome dude! Best wishes with your move, my man!


    • Thanks, Dean. This move is starting to come together with startling speed. As fast as I’ve been downsizing, it may not have been fast enough. I think this is going to be a crazy summer.


      • Dean Compton

        Moving is always crazy. I wish you the super best! Are you going to be safer as far as wildfires go?


        • Yeah, we’re trying to move to the beach. So the wildfire risk goes way down, but the tsunami risk increases. There’s no escaping catastrophe in Southern California!

          We’d actually made the decision to move well before this round of wildfires. We have a great house on an acre hilltop but it is just too far a drive to and from here to everything else in our lives (mostly kids stuff and schools). So we will take the hit and look on downsizing as a virtue, completing the arc of simplification that has been one of the themes of this blog, concentrating on making less feel like more, and better appreciating the things we have.

          There are moments when you just think HOLY CRAP I’M GIVING EVERYTHING AWAY but the rest of the time you recognize that it is just stuff, and you’re better off without it anyways. Seeing flames from my living room window a couple weeks ago helped cast into stark relief how few things I really need to be happy and fulfilled. Time to live up to that realization!


  3. I love the backlit Galactus window effect as much the next homeowners will hate scraping it off with a razor blade. Seems like only yesterday you were finishing the floor and painting walls!


    • The decals should peel off easily, though I’m not sure if they’ll stick again — or if I will have someplace to stick them! Our crazy plan at this hour is to give up half our square footage and all of our garage for a new place affording an entirely different lifestyle … a lifestyle without room for a physical Longbox Graveyard (a virtual LBG is a different story). It’s crazy!


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