Godzilla Is Back!

Godzilla stomps back into movie theaters this week in a highly-anticipated, big-budget blockbuster motion picture!

Godzilla 2014!

I’ve always loved Godzilla, and that affection has rubbed of on my youngest son, Jack, who has been preparing for release of this picture with a marathon viewing of every Godzilla DVD in his collection. He views the chance to finally experience a Godzilla movie in a theater as a right of passage.

(Fortunately, he hadn’t yet been born when Matthew Broderick was terrorized by the Big G back in 1998!)

But Godzilla is a resilient creature, as radiation monsters go, having enjoyed more comebacks than Dracula and Richard Nixon combined, and even a Roland Emmerich picture couldn’t keep him down for long.

Just how resilient, you ask?

Well, did you know that Godzilla once battled the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four? That he downed a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier? That he snuck into New York City wearing a trench coat??


Before you see the film, revisit my review of Godzilla’s time as a full-integrated part of the Marvel Universe: King of the Monsters!

the Fantastic Four appear to have cut Godzilla down to size!

(And in case you missed it yesterday, check out my Godzilla Gallery, too).

Thanks for reading — and enjoy the movie!



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  1. If it was not for the heat., I would be standing in line for this movie.


  2. What city is Godzilla leveling in this Godzilla Movie?


  3. Mr. Knowitall.

    Looks like San Francisco / Oakland Bay Area.


  4. What is that black and silver stuff between Godzilla’s toe’s ?


  5. Could be an Oakland Raiders wide receiver.


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