Space Goat Presents

My pals over at Space Goat Productions have a new comic for your consideration …

check out Space Goat Presents!

Space Goat Presents!

Space Goat specializes in providing talented artists, writers, and creators for comic book publishers, and Space Goat Presents is a showcase for the company’s top guys to work together on original properties. Space Goat Presents is a slick, hardbound, 120-page book of comic book stories — it ships in July, and preorders are available now. Inside you will find stories and art from veteran comic book talent like RB Silva, Yvel Guichet and Darren Vincenzo, and talented newcomers like Douglas Franchin, Caio Cacau, Alan Quah, and Justin Peniston.

The Big Goat himself — Shon Bury — and Space Goat principals (and Malibu Comics alums) Dave Olbrich and Tom Mason are all friends of Longbox Graveyard, and they’ve provided me with a PDF pre-release of Space Goat Presents. I haven’t yet read every story, but what I’ve seen is very cool, with contents as varied as a blood-soaked sword-and-planet tale, horror, paranormal, and my personal favorite — Big Game Hunters, a steampunk-style adventure tale written by Shon Bury, and illustrated by Jok & Estudio Haus, featuring a zeppelin with a cyclops skull on the prow!

Big Game Hunters

Check it out … and tell Space Goat that Longbox Graveyard sent ya!




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  1. That’s a pretty sweet logline/image to pitch.


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