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Spectacular Spider-Foes!


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  1. Dang. That Romita guy draws real purty pitchers. Sandman looks a little awkward,but that composition is just spot on. I love that cover. The Marvel Treasury Edition cover is another take on it and I think The Jazzy One ironed out all the kinks for that one.

    A real strong argument could be made that he made Marvel more acceptable and cohesive to the general public in a way that none of the other Bullpenners could have done.


    • I revere Ditko — and have written at length about his storytelling and characterization — but there’s no question that Romita was the guy who unlocked the full potential of Spider-Man, particularly in the way he drew Peter Parker and the women in his life. Spider-Man was the perfect storm in that it was a fresh and imaginative concept that benefitted from two of the field’s pencilling masters, one after another, in those critical early years as the book was gaining its footing.


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