Top 10 Superhero Spoonerisms


Clack Banary


Fick Nury


Maptain Carvel


Jellow Yacket


Haven The Krunter


Wack Blidow


Octor Doctopus


Ted Rornado


Caron Sharter


Fister Mantastic

And because it’s Friday, there has to be a Flipagram …



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    Top 10 Superhero Spoonerisms


  2. that is very bizarre,funny ,but bizarre!


  3. So glad I clicked the video. You can never have enough Queen. Also, I’ve never even heard of the word “spoonerism,” so I learned something. Finally, I missed pyself with laughter at Fister Mantastic.


    • If I made you laugh with Fister Mantastic then the whole juvenile undertaking was time well spent!

      I’d also like to direct your attention to Ted Rornado … it seems entirely possible to me that an android would select a spoonerism when making up his alter-ego’s name. This should be central to the next Red Tornado storyline, when Red assumes the identity of Oklahoma’s Top Real Estate Professional — Ted Rornado!


  4. What, no Mider-Span? 🙂


  5. My mom pronounces “Yellow-Jacket” Jellow Yacket! (Colombian accent) Hilarious! Now I’m gonna rend the spest of my day spaking moonerisms! Wary Mane Jatson…Wuce Brayne…Stoctor Drange…addictive!


    • I had a comment over on Pinterest about “Jellow Yacket,” too, saying he was Cuban … so I guess it’s a Latin American accent thing, huh?

      Let me know if you come up with any howlers … it’s hard to do spoonerisms with so many alliterative names in comics (Peter Parker, Lois Lane, etc.) but they’re out there!

      (My kid told me to end the list with Mole Man, but I thought it was too meta.)


  6. Hey, where’s Sister Minister?


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