Longbox Graveyard Sidekick Showdown March Madness — Championship Match!

The Longbox Graveyard Sidekick Showdown March Madness Tournament grinds towards its conclusion … and YOUR votes have determined the championship match!

  • (1) Robin defeated (4) Rick Jones, 61/39
  • (3) Bucky Barnes defeated (7) Wonder Girl, 57/43

Full results are posted here.

Robin had little trouble with Rick Jones — though he we challenged for the first time in this tournament — and the Boy Wonder has punched his ticket for the final showdown. On the other side of the bracket, Bucky Barnes trailed a hotly competitive Wonder Girl for most of the week, before a surge of weekend votes put him over the top. I guess being part of the biggest April weekend movie opening of all time will do that for you!

Here’s how our challengers made it to the championship match:

Road To The Championship


YOUR FINAL VOTE will decide who wins the Longbox Graveyard March Madness Sidekick Showdown! Vote below … vote early … and vote often! And tell your friends!

CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH VOTING WILL CLOSE sometime in the evening of Saturday, April 12th. The winner will be announced here at Longbox Graveyard on Monday, April 14th!

Your votes have given us a great final, with two sidekicks who might be either side of the same coin. Both characters were introduced in the 1940s; both characters were loyal sidekicks to some of the greatest superheroes of all time; and both characters have changed with the times, even managing to step from the shadows of their mentors to become important heroes of their own! We’ve even got a Marvel vs. DC final, with all the emotional baggage that entails!


Robin … the Boy Wonder … vs. Bucky, the Winter Soldier!

Voting for the Longbox Graveyard March Madness Sidekick Showdown will end sometime on the eventing of April 12th! 

(And tell us why your favorite sidekick deserves to win in the comments section, below!)


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Revelations and retro-reviews from a world where it is always 1978, published every now and then at www.longboxgraveyard.com!

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  1. I would like to see these two head-to-head grown up as well. Winter Soldier vs Nightwing! That would be a battle to witness!


  2. I will send you the link in a few days, but my daughter & I are totally planning on using your 1-16 seeds as a jumping off point (with plenty of shout-outs for the Graveyard!) for our next podcast recording, all about sidekicks.


  3. Plenty of shout-outs and link love for you, Paul! Thanks for providing the structure for this episode!



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