Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The wait is nearly over! Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in theaters this week!

Captain America The Winter Soldier

To get you read for the big event, here’s a run-down of related articles here on Longbox Graveyard.

Anticipation for Winter Soldier has been immense! Ever since the movie trailer dropped last year, the hits have rolled in for my Top 10 Captain America Villains post, making it the most-visited article in Longbox Graveyard history. Here you can read about Red Skull, Baron Strucker, and … the Winter Soldier!

The Winter Soldier

Longbox Graveyard has also reviewed the Ed Brubaker Captain America run upon which Winter Soldier is based

 tremendous cover image

… and looked at other seminal moments in Captain America’s history, such as the time he gave up his mask to become Nomad

Captain America No More!

… and the first appearance of Arnim Zola!

first appearance Arnim Zola, Captain America #208, Jack Kirby

If you are interested in reading more Captain America adventures, you won’t go far wrong checking out my Top 5 Captain America Graphic Novels

Captain America Omnibus Vol. 1 HC

… and for a really deep dive, visit my Red Skull Gallery, my Captain America Gallery, and also review this collection of Captain America’s Patriotic Speeches!

Enjoy the movie!


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