Longbox Graveyard Sidekick Showdown March Madness — Round of 8

The first round of the Longbox Graveyard Sidekick Showdown March Madness Tournament is complete … and YOUR votes have determined the winner!

  • (1) Robin defeated (16) Snapper Carr, 93/7
  • (8) Speedy defeated (9) Toro, 66/34
  • (4) Rick Jones defeated (13) Aqualad, 51/49  (1 vote difference!)
  • (5) Kid Flash defeated (12) Arthur The Moth, 74/26
  • (2) Jimmy Olsen defeated (15) Bob, Agent of Hydra,  75/25
  • (7) Wonder Girl defeated (10) Skeets, 64/36
  • (3) Bucky Barnes defeated (14) Stripesy, 89/11
  • (6) Harley Quinn defeated (11) Fallout Boy, 78/22

Full results are posted here.

The first round saw every favorite advance, so I suppose the tournament committee did their job correctly … though if we had it to do over again, we’d reverse the seeding of Rick Jones and Harley Quinn. But doing so would have robbed the first round of its most nail-biting contest, as Rick Jones defeated Aqualad by a single vote


On paper I thought Rick Jones vs. Aqualad would be no contest … a triple-sidekick and winner of the Kree/Skrull War versus an obscure salt water sidekick … but it just goes to show that not everyone is stuck in 1978, and that Silver Age Rick Jones isn’t the star he used to be!

It’s also the best proof possible that every vote counts in this tournament! Let’s get on to the Round of 8!

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 11.49.20 AM

YOUR VOTE will decide who advances to the Final Four! Vote below … vote early … and vote often! And tell your friends!

SECOND ROUND VOTING WILL CLOSE sometime in the evening of Saturday, March 29th. Final Four voting will open back here at Longbox Graveyard on Monday, March 31st!

With the pretenders out of the way, it’s time for the contenders to prove their superhero mentors chose wisely in naming them their sidekicks! There are some tough choices here, and I expect at least one higher seed will fall!


Robin … one of the few sidekicks who grew up to become a hero of his own … vs. Speedy, sidekick to Green Arrow, who sought his own identity as the adult Red Arrow!

Rick Jones … his best days as partner to the Hulk, Captain America, and Captain Marvel seemingly forgotten by fandom at large … vs. Kid Flash, the speedster-in-training who himself wore the mantle of the Flash for a decade!

Jimmy Olsen … cruising through the first round without once having to activate his signal watch … vs. Wonder Girl, seeking to overcome her tortured origins and step into the spotlight at last! 

Bucky Barnes … killer of Nazis and now back from the dead as the Winter Soldier … vs. Harley Quinn, fan favorite, doomed romantic, and Gotham City siren!

Voting for the Round of 8 will end the evening of March 30th! 

(And stump for your favorite sidekicks in the comments section, below!)


About Paul O'Connor

Revelations and retro-reviews from a world where it is always 1978, published every now and then at www.longboxgraveyard.com!

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  1. “Nazis ?,I hate Nazis”


  2. Wow, that Rick Jones/Aqualad battle was close. And I darn near voted for Aqualad, too! I could have changed history! Nothing against Wonder Girl, but Skeets is the only loser that I voted for.


  3. I voted for Skeets and Aqualad. This next round is looking good. Robin is strong, but I bet he gets some backlash for being the favorite soon. It most likely won’t be enough to make him lose, but it may make the vote a bit closer.

    I feel like the Aqualad/Jones match was one of those games where the underdog led the whole way, only for the favorite to make 3-pointer at the buzzer and win.


    • Robin is getting all he can handle from Rick Jones, he was actually behind the last time I checked (the first time that’s happened in this tournament).

      The nature of a popularity contest is that upsets are rare — which is why I’m glad the fans are stuffing the ballot box on this one, makes it more interesting for me!


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