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  2. If the Nova Corps could go toe-to-toe against the Green Lantern Corps of DC Comics in a free for all battle,who would emerge victorious and why?


    • There are more Green Lanterns known for their heroics – Gardner, Jordan, the other white one, Stewart, Kilowag, etc – than there are Novas – Rich Rider, Sam Alexander (barely), and uh… Rich’s brother for like 10 minutes? – but the Novas would win, because they’re rockin’ their own men in black. The black helmet Novas are so covert and badass, know one has any idea how to answer whatever they bring to the table. Also, gold helmets give the regular Novas an edge. (Is yellow still a GL weakness?)


      • I was going to endorse the Green Lantern Corps because they can make giant green energy mallets and stuff … but your Nova pitch is compelling. Plus, the Lanterns have to work off the bad karma of their terrible movie while I think Nova will follow in the wake of a successful Guardians of the Galaxy launch and become a surprise film hit in 2016 or so.

        Advantage — Nova Corps. (But still … giant green mallets, wine presses, nut-crackers & etc have their appeal)


  3. I have a friend who hates Nova. What the hell is wrong with him?


    • I bought the first year or so of Nova off the rack, buying into the hype about how he was “Marvel’s next big thing,” but the series never came together for me. Sal Buscema’s art underwhelmed, and Wolfman’s prosaic, turn-back-the-clock-to-the-early-days-of-Spider-Man formula didn’t best serve the concept. During my Odinsleep away from comics I gather the concept was substantially reinvented, though from the scattered digital books I’ve read, Nova appears lost in the long shadow cast by the Green Lantern Corps.

      I’d welcome a reading list — I’d like to know more about the essential Nova as he has evolved.

      I half-expect Nova to make a cameo in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and a solo film sometime in the next several years wouldn’t shock me, either.


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