The Bowie Black Widow!

FOOM #12 contained a little half-page update of Marvel’s various rock & roll accolades. There was an obligatory reference to Marvel’s Spider-Man album (which was probably clogging up a warehouse somewhere), name-checks for Paul McCartney and Paul Simon, and a reference to a Ken Russell film. Far-out!

FOOM #12

But most far-out of all was the bizarre bit of news that Angela Bowie wanted to play the Black Widow in a television series!

Angela Bowie Black Widow!

Mrs. David Bowie also aspired to play Wonder Woman in this era. You can get all the details over Robot 6 and io9.

And speaking of Wonder Woman, she will be front-and-center in next week’s Flipagram Friday. See you again in two weeks when Daredevil checks in for my next FOOM Friday!


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  1. Lemme get this straight. They were negotiating a deal in the ’70’s where Angela Bowie would portray the Black Widow on T.V.??
    Did they decide to go with the Captain and Tennille Variety Hour instead!? Or they didn’t wanna knock Marcus Welby off his time slot??
    Somebody owes us an explanation for this…this, travesty.
    That’s just … that’s it. First Watergate and then this. That’s all I gotta say.


    • Hard to believe from a decade that brought us the Battle of the Network Stars, but there were some projects just deemed too schlocky for television.

      As outrages go, I agree — this ranks right alongside the premature cancellation of Hello, Larry. (Actually, that was a good thing).


  2. Actually, I was kinda being serious, there, Paul. I really would like to see that show!


  3. José Gilberto Thompson

    seeing a superhero done right back would have impossible.Remember how shitty Spiderman was.


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