Kirby Speaks!

It’s been twenty years this week since the passing of the great Jack Kirby so it is only fitting that this week’s FOOM Friday looks at FOOM #11, which celebrated Kirby’s 1975 return to Marvel Comics.

FOOM #11 -- Jack's Back!

Central to this issue was a four-page interview with Jack Kirby, and while it is thin on details of the books Jack was doing for Marvel at the time, it does contain a remarkable digression about the nature of man, god, and superheroes:

“What happened; what’s happening; what’s going to happen. Those are the essential questions for anybody, and that’s why we create gods, create myths … And I feel that the gods are only idealized versions of ourselves … We already are super-heroes. When we prove ourselves, at the last analysis, whatever we see around us is us … You’ll find out in the end, when everything gets wiped away and you’re left standing in your underwear, all that’s left is you … And you’re all there is. So when we yearn for gods, we’re merely expressing that kind of feeling … ‘I’m all there is; you’re all there is.”

Read the entire interview, below … and be sure to check out my reviews of Kirby’s mid-70s Marvel work:

Captain America

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Kirby is gone, now, and those mysteries he pondered in this article have long since been revealed to him. As was so often the case during his career, Kirby is out in front of the rest of us — again!

We miss you, Jack! Rest in peace.



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  1. I find your site fascinating! I don’t know much about comics and I certainly don’t know about the key players such as Mr. Kirby. It’s really interesting to browse around all the detail you’ve presented here. Kudos!


  2. As usual, a fantastic post. I would never have the opportunity to read and explore these topics if it weren’t for your diligent graphic art scholarship (they need a specific word for comic book scholars–graphic narrotologists?). My understanding of Jack the King Kirby was very superficial until I started reading you blog. This post really drove home the point that he was a thinking-feeling-breathing red-blooded artist working sincerely and conscientiously in a difficult industry. Your blog is great. Thanks again!


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