Panel Gallery: It’s Clobberin’ Time!

Longbox Graveyard #122

Jack Kirby, Strange Tales #127

Clobberin' Time!


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Jack Kirby, Fantastic Four #64

Clobberin' Time!

Strange Tales #129

Clobberin' Time!

Herb Trimpe, Hulk #121

Jack Kirby, Fantastic Four #48

Strange Tales #131

Strange Tales #133

Jack Kirby, Fantastic Four #67

Jack Kirby, Fantastic Four #45

Clobberin' Time!

Additional Longbox Graveyard Panel Galleries:

NEXT WEEK: #123: Blown Away!


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  1. It is indeed “clobberin’ time”, as you say, good sir. Every gentlemen knows, when he utters a battle cry that cry must be exceptional.


  2. I’d like another fill-in-the-blanks script to follow up on my adventures of Black Panther and Puma.


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