Thanos Sings!

Caught the Mad Titan signing in the shower:

Makes sense that he’d fancy opera!

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  1. When is the Standards album due out? Don’t laugh, they are owned by Disney, it could happen.


  2. I think Disney is still sorting our whether the Thanos Disneyland holiday jingle overlay goes into Small World or the Tiki Room.


  3. I’m waiting for Thanos to sing, “I did it myyyyyyyy waaayyyy!”


  4. This is a little bit too funny for me to let go right away. I’m picturing Thanos doing an album where he interprets the classics…maybe “Thanos: In a Mellow Mood” or “Thanos on Broadway” or, “A Thanos Christmas”.
    I’m picturing him on a stool on stage in a tuxedo (a large tuxedo) with the tie undone, a sad, wistful look on his craggy face, a cigarette in one hand and a microphone in the other, giving his interpretation of “Send in the Clowns” or “Rocket Man.”
    Boy, I have one weird imagination.


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    Thanos sings!


  6. Not bad… for a galactic psychopath who worships Death!


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