Comic Book Twinkies Ad Gallery

Visit my Comic Book Twinkies Ad Gallery on Pinterest.

Captain Marvel, Nitro, and Twinkies!

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  1. The Dog ate my TWINKies

    Talk about product placement !


  2. Lots of podcasters have re-enacted these ads on their shows … including me.


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    Comic Book Twinkies Ad Gallery


  4. Call me nostalgic,but I missed ads like these in comics!


    • It doesn’t all have to be grim and gritty (though I can’t decide which is less appropriate — Captain Marvel yucking it up with his murderer, Nitro; or Nazi war criminal Red Skull pimping desert cakes).


  5. I never had the chance to see that ad before, it’s pretty cool!
    I love Ross Andru’s work and little did I know he drew of my all time favorite character, the one and only Captain Marvel (take that Doppelgänger Zealot Dean!).

    Where could I find a better resolution of this page?


    • I will keep an eye out for this ad in my own Accumulation, and post up a better scan when I find it. Most of the images in this Gallery were snagged from various places around the web …

      Gotta love Nitro eating a Twinkie!


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