Write This Page!

This week’s F.O.O.M. Friday brings us memories of a good news/bad news variety.

The good news was that Marvel posted a contest challenging readers to write a comics page. That’s kinda cool … it gave fans a chance to participate in the creative process, and maybe learn if they were cut out to write comics.

Write This Page -- FOOM #6

The bad news was … readers were expected to write like Don McGregor?

Write This Page, FOOM #6

Now, that’s just cruel. It’s hard enough trying to write a comics page without any kind of context (I tried just now, and I keep thinking of Scar killing Mufasa in Lion King!) …

… but there’s no way anyone besides Don McGregor could write like Don McGregor. His tortured syntax was unique in the field. Reading his Jungle Action nearly broke my brain!

Anyway, give it a go if you like, and post your scripts to my comments section. This particular Marvel contest is long since closed, but creativity is its own reward, and … you never know!

See you back here next week with a less cruel F.O.O.M. Friday!


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  1. PANEL 1: (Black Panther thinks) There he is…

    PANEL 2: (BP) Applebeeeeeeee’s!
    PANEL 2 (Puma; I’m guessing this is Puma) Whu-huh?!?

    PANEL 4: (BP) I… told… you… ONE appetizer!

    PANEL 5: (Puma) Heh heh. I also ordered chicken wonton tacos to go.

    PANEL 6: (BP) You…whaaaaah?

    PANEL 7: (Puma) The waitress never took back your side of fries. When you hit the head, I ate them!


    PANEL 9: (Puma) I saved them! Mayonnaise is an unacceptable condiment!


    • Brilliant!

      Just got this note back from Smilin’ Stan:

      “See if he can work in the Applebees motto — ‘See You Tomorrow’ — someplace. Maybe in the silent panel #4? Or wait … open up, baby bird, because here it comes … put it in as a SOUND EFFECT!”

      God help us, but he’s the boss. I think he also likes mayonnaise so you may have prejudiced the jury.


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