Thor Returns!

Thor returns to cinemas this week with the premiere of Thor: The Dark World!

Hopefully you read Longbox Graveyard’s coverage of the film’s Parisian premiere, which included an impossible suave Tom Hiddleston wowing the crowd by speaking French!

Thor The Dark World

Get ready for the movie by reviewing my Thor articles here at Longbox Graveyard, celebrating the classic run by Walt Simonson. These comics were a significant influence on the cinematic version of Thor (including the first appears of Malekith the Dark Elf, who serves as this movie’s “big bad.”)

The Stuff of Legends

The Mighty Thor!


Catching Lightning

Beta Ray Thor!

(and don’t forget my Thor Pinterest Gallery!)

I will also have an original Thor article published at Sequart later this week — about which more on Monday!


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  1. I’ve been a Thor fan since the early ’70’s. I was a young lad who’d been suffering under Archie comics and bad Superman comics until some kid in class brought in Thor 250# , when Thor got mad and started clobbering Mangog. I thought, who is this guy? No mask, no sleeves, an attitude and a hammer. This ain’t the Green Lantern! Then I started to get into Norse mythology.
    Nice pinterest. I’ve got those issues where Thor loses his cool and sends the future Adam Warlock scurrying, as well as his epic battle with the Midgard Serpent. (I gather Walt Simonson knew something about Anglo-Saxon folklore, or Tolkien, where the hero has conversations with dragons before the battle…dragons are pretty good conversationalists).
    I really liked those issues in the 70’s where the writers cut him loose a bit, against Ego or the Soul Survivors.
    I’m not crazy about the movies, but I do like that Hiddleston. He really nails it, doesn’t he?


    • Thor was one of the first superhero books I really connected with, too — this would have been 1974, when I had an interest in fantasy but hadn’t quite tumbled to Tolkien or Conan. I liked the superhero/fantasy/cosmic brew of Thor in those days, and was in and out of the book ever since. The Simonson years remain the highlight.

      I’m fine with the movies. Actually I think the screenwriters have done a remarkable job of wrestling a complex (and frequently goofy) mythology onto the screen. He’s a different Thor to be sure but I can show up once every couple years and enjoy him.

      Thanks for posting!


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