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Marvel Two-In-One #50

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  1. The Thing was a popular character (emphasis on was) in the Marvel Universe,now he’s nothing more of a secondary character if that.How can Ben be popular again?


    • I live in 1978, so I can’t comment on how the Thing is being used (misused?) in the present day … but I will say that if Ben is a tertiary character, then someone at the House of Ideas has some ‘splaining to do!

      The heart of this character is that … he’s a regular guy. He’s been changed, physically, but he’s the same guy inside as he was before this accident pressed all this fame, power, and responsibility on him. He’s basically blue collar, shy, insecure, sincere. His skin is rock-hard but he wears his heart on his sleeve. He wants to sit in the bleachers at Shea Stadium but it causes too much of a ruckus; but when he sits in the owner’s box, no one wants to talk about the game. He’s out of place no matter where he goes.

      He’ll share a beer with you (and he’ll buy). He’ll lay down his life for strangers that think him a monster. He’ll always give it to you straight. He’ll help you move a couch, and he’ll give you the greatest bachelor party you’ve ever had (being careful to fade from the room right after the girls show up). He has his own, very modern redemption arc where he goes from feeling sorry for himself about being “handicapped” to embracing the things that make him unique, and feeling sorry for everyone else for not having his gifts.

      He’s not a solo hero. He needs others around him (and these need not always be the Fantastic Four). He might seem a little like your grandfather but that’s a tone thing that a good writer can avoid. He is one of the all-time great Marvel characters, and if he’s not A-list right now, then, well … I don’t know what to tell you. Kids these days!!


  2. He sounds like Elvis.


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