Happy Birthday To Me (Again)

I had a birthday last month, and if it wasn’t marked by faux-5Ks and parking tickets, there was some small gift-giving, thanks to my lovely wife, and my best comics pal, the Ulm.

Happy Birthday To Me!

That S.H.I.E.L.D. collection proves that Steranko knows what ABC does not — how to make great S.H.I.E.L.D. stories. And those tin signs of DC icons will go nicely in my comic book Man Cave.

As things come in, treasures must also go out. I’ve recently updated my bulk comics for sale page with several new lots (including the Ultraverse!), and I even have a few graphic novels available via eBay right now. If you’re in the market for comic book goodness direct from Longbox Graveyard — or if you’d like a way of sending me a belated birthday present! — please be sure to check out what I have on offer.



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  1. It looks like that SHIELD TPB only adds the four issues of Fury’s later “Agent of SHIELD” issues that Steranko drew to the (less expensive) collection already released in 2001, but for the Steranko/SHIELD completist it’s certainly a tempting buy. Maybe they should have captioned it “The Complete Steranko Collection,” though, given the many SHIELD issues it omits. 🙂


    • I’ve only just read the first story, and am a little fuzzy on what constitutes the full run. I read them all in digital a couple years ago, but it is nice to have this print collection. The tales are still long on imagination, audacity, and fun — all elements I find missing in the TV show, which I have sadly abandoned after three episodes.


  2. Glad to see someone else is not drinking the ABC Kool Aid on Agents of SHIELD.

    And happy birthday!


    • Thanks for the well wishes!

      I gave the show three outings and genuinely wanted to like it, but I find it lifeless, predictable, and dull. It has little of the smarts, snap, or snark of a Whedon show — I’m out!

      It looks like the ratings have stabilized and ABC has given it a full-season order, so for better or worse, this is the flavor we’re going to get. Obviously there is an audience for it, but at this point I’d rather spend that hour reading comics. (So I will).

      I am a little concerned, as I didn’t care for Iron Man 3 and I didn’t like this show, so Marvel Studios is in a little slump for me (though they certainly won’t see it that way — they are minting money). The Thor sequel may be a watershed when it comes to reversing (or confirming?) recent trends.


      • Based on how terrible that brutal pilot was (I didn’t even make it through the whole thing after MONTHS of counting down the days to see this damn show) I was in utter shock that this got picked up for 22 episodes.

        I wonder how much of this is based on ratings from Marvel zombies (I’m recovering) watching no matter how bad they may think it is. (I used to watch EVERY comic book movie just because I felt obligated to support comic book movies. Now, I will skip more than I see.)

        As Marvel movies go, I wish I was 20 years younger, because if I was 10 today, I’d be shitting rainbows in my pants with all these fanboy flicks.


        • I’m sure plenty of Marvel Zombies are tuning it, but with an audience that size it really has to be middle-of-the-road TV Zombies driving the viewership. That’s just what 8PM broadcast network TV looks like. Safe for advertisers and kids … and good for them, they’ll make money and keep people employed, maybe spread the brand a little.

          I just won’t be watching.


  3. Happy (belated) birthday, Paul.
    Not much of a present I know, but I’ve just signed up and become the 5,423rd follower on your blog! Currently working my way up from the start of the Longbox Graveyard (Nos 12-16 printed out for weekend reading, so only another 150+ before I catch up) and will chime in when I’ve something worth saying, but very entertaining stuff so far mate.
    Best, Matt


    • Nice to have you here, Matt, please feel free to comment on any blogs that interest you, however old they may be. I love it when an older article hots up again with current comments.

      Kind of chilling to think of you printing the blog for weekend reading, but whatever gets the job done! Welcome!


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