Jack Kirby’s Gadgets Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Gallery

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Strange Tales #142

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  1. I like you views on comics!


  2. i just recently learned that Jack Kirby created the concept art for Argo. Not the award-winning 2012 film but the actual film that the CIA optioned to use as a cover for getting those prisoners out. It was, as expected, brimming over with super sciency goodness mingled with cosmic divinity.
    It would be really awesome to see it done as an animated film, or possibly a real-deal live action.

    Not sure why i mention it here. Guess the Kirby gadgets triggered the memory.


    • Yes, and as I recall it wasn’t just a film idea, it was plans for a theme park too … I think it was based on a Roger Zelazny novel (Lord of Light? Creatures of Light & Darkness? I should Google it, but I’m lazy).

      Saw Argo just the other night and noticed there was a role for “Jack Kirby” in the closing credits — dunno if it was cut, or if it was just some miscellaneous guy in a montage scene, but the “Argo” story definitely intersected with The King.

      Stranger than fiction, to be sure!


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