Bob Layton On His Character Rights Issue With Marvel

“I just reached a settlement with Marvel over a character rights issue from David (Michelinie) and my days on Iron Man. Thx, Gary (Friedrich) for paving the way!”

— Comics creator Bob Layton on Twitter (see original tweet below, or read it here). Taken with the Ghost Rider settlement between Gary Friedrich and Marvel mentioned in Layton’s tweet, does this indicate that Marvel and Disney are putting their house in order when it comes to intellectual property rights for creators?

Bob Layton Tweet


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  1. I think we’re seeing Disney trying to clean up ownership questions and royalty issues for the Marvel properties so they can avoid a legal battle with a couple dozen creators and not leave the question of work-for-hire to the mercy of the court system. I hope that Gary Friedrich and Bob Layton are just the first two on a long list. It’s too bad Blade and Howard the Duck were settled a while ago.


  2. Dear Marvel,

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE solve the ownership issues involving ROM? I want reprints, at the least, and a big-budget movie at the most!


    Professor Alan


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