Ironing Man!

I like Paul Bettany as the disembodied voice of an A.I. Jarvis in the Marvel movies just fine, but for me, the real Jarvis will always be the unassuming, flesh-and-blood butler of Avengers Mansion.

Please join me in saluting comicdom’s (second) greatest manservant … the one and only Jarvis!

(We won’t speak of that whole Crimson Cowl business).

Avengers #201


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  1. I like the mold he’s cast in- The Initimable Jeeves.


  2. Jarvis is awesome. He even got to shine abit back in Inferno, which is one good thing about Inferno, anyway.


  3. Can you tell me if Longbox Graveyard is a free website?



    • Normally it is ten bucks per click to visit Longbox Graveyard, but for you I will make an exception.

      (If you are feeling generous, you can hit the “donate” button in the left margin, which would be a first).


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