Man Cave Monday: Floor Show

My masterplan to turn my garage into a comic book shrine slumbered through the month of April, but lurched back into motion this past weekend as we attacked my ugly garage floors. This weekend kind of marked the crossing of the Rubicon for this project — it is one thing to make a resolution, or to pack your things away; it is another thing to put in a wall; but to actually empty out your garage and scrub the floors with acid requires a real gut check.

That’s right, I said empty the garage. And not just any garage. I had to empty this garage, home to the sprawling Accumulation that is the Longbox Graveyard!


Where does all that stuff go?

I don’t recommend it … but we put it all in my living room!


After a day of lifting, carrying, and stacking my garage was … empty!


From the outside, you can get an idea of the scale of this job. That section on the left is the future home of the (organized and spiffy) Longbox Graveyard collection.


My ass well and truly kicked, I fell asleep early that night, and then was up bright and early to greet my friend Andrew, who had offered to come over and spend some of his garage mojo on behalf of Longbox Graveyard. Normally I wouldn’t try something like this myself, but Andrew had already done the job in his own garage, and I was emboldened by his example.

The plan was to scrub and acid wash my oil-stained garage floor …


… and then hose everything out …


… which marked the end of the second day of labor on this job.

Sunday was painting day. With the floors thoroughly dry, we mixed up our epoxy formula and got to work painting the floors.

Andrew paints the floor

We had a minimum of misadventures (and Andrew shouldered most of the labor in painting the floor) with good results.

drying floor

Better than it was, that’s for sure.

Next up will be paint for the walls, putting in cabinets, and the brutal task of moving everything back into the garage and seeing if the parts fit. Stay tuned for more thrilling garage remodel adventures in the next Man Cave Monday!

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  1. very impressive — friends come in handy!


  2. Dream Girl from the Legion of Superheroes called. She says she had a prophetic dream in which this renovated LBG HQ looks so awesome that you start charging admission to visit its historic awesomeness. You are already well on your way!


  3. I’d be interested to see what this looks like after you put everything back. It looks great cleared out and done up but I find it can look like you did nothing after everything goes back depending on how you organize! Thanks for the post tho!


    • I will admit that your words were echoing in my brain while putting everything away, but after some delay I just now put the last of the stuff in its place. Visual update coming Monday!


  4. How do i forward my blogspot account to my website domain name?


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