Happy Presidents’ Day From Longbox Graveyard

It is the Presidents’ Day holiday here in the States, where we celebrate all of our Presidents, great and small.

The holiday is primarily in honor of our first President, George Washington, born February 22nd, 1732, celebrated in history and song …

When I was a kid, we’d get two holidays in February — one for Washington’s birthday, and another in honor of Abraham Lincoln, born February 12th, 1809.

Captain America #222

Nowadays we get just the one day off, in honor of all forty-three of our Presidents, including our current Chief Executive, Barrack Obama …

Barrack & Spidey

… and even the infamous Tricky Dick Nixon!

we don't have Nixon to kick around any more

Whatever your nationality or political affiliation, happy Presidents’ Day from Longbox Graveyard!


About Paul O'Connor

Revelations and retro-reviews from a world where it is always 1978, published every now and then at www.longboxgraveyard.com!

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  1. No love for “Prez”, huh?


  2. Pencil in the “Presidents in Comics” episode for next President’s Day? Or for election year 2016?


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