Super Tuesday: The Strange Case of Doctor Strange

Sometimes a house ad points the way toward a special book. Sometimes the ads are better than the book! And sometimes, as in the case of this Super Tuesday spot, the ad … is all you get!

That is the case with this strange case of Doctor Strange, advertising a 1981 Frank Miller run on the book that never actually came to be. Who knows what may have happened if Mr. Miller had gone on to put his stamp on one of Marvel’s most most difficult-to-get-right characters?

(And if you like your doctors to be strange, don’t miss tomorrow’s column!)



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  1. I never knew Chris Claremont had written Dr. Strange. That guy was EVERYWHERE back then.


  2. Wow, that is really weird. A nice ad, “just 60 days” away from the release…then nothing. I think I ran across this ad not too long ago as I make my way through all of my old FF’s.


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