Panel Gallery: Button Men

Longbox Graveyard #75

(that one counts double!)

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NEXT WEDNESDAY: #76 Superhero Greenlight: Doctor Strange


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  1. What an awesome photo gallery! Oh, the power of a button! Apparently, we could remove all threat of evil from earth if we could just do away with all the buttons!


    • Fortunately, the predilection held by evil masterminds for malevolent buttons is more than counterbalanced by their need for self-destruct levers in their otherwise-impregnable fortresses. It’s like a union rule or something.


  2. now this post really had its finger on the … no, no I cannot


  3. I stole the von Doom picture, of course, just haven’t figured out how to use it yet.

    I think that Big Comic is missing out on a terrific product placement opportunity, not having these buttons be the Staples “easy” button …….


  4. Ha Ha Ha… so many buttons!


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