The Fourth Longbox Graveyard Podcast Has Arrived!

The Fourth Longbox Graveyard Podcast Has Arrived!

The fourth monthly installment of the Longbox Graveyard Podcast is now available for your downloading and listening pleasure.

This month marks a departure from format as I look at Frank Miller’s controversial and devisive Holy Terror through the eyes of a young man who has grown up in a post-9/11 world — my son, Miles.

It’s a bit longer and maybe less locked down that previous episodes of the podcast but I hope you will find it worth your while. Be sure to let me know what you think!

Thanks to Mo Kristiansen at the We Talk Podcasts network for hosting the Longbox Graveyard Podcast. You can find all of my past podcasts and appearances on my … wait for it … podcast page.

Longbox Graveyard Podcast at iTunes

Longbox Graveyard Podcast at We Talk Podcasts


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  1. The podcast crashed just after half an hour? Was unable to get it scrubbing again? Will try again. So, haven’t listened in its entirety.

    Miles seems like a really terrific young man.

    Hope you have a great day! 💋


  2. Well, shucks, it won’t let me open the files at all now?

    Tells me I’ve already downloaded from iTunes, that there’s been an error and cannot connect to iTunes? We Stash tells me there’s an error, as well? Both say to try again later… but it is later…?

    I dunno? Thought you should know in case it’s not just me and there’s a glitch. It is, most likely, just me — as is most often the case. 😊 *shrug*

    Hope you had an awesome weekend! 💋


  3. Paul,

    Enjoyed the podcast with you and your son. That’s cool he has a passion for film. And, good to see you’re not shielding him from “R” rated films. I’m thankful to my folks for taking me to see stuff like ALIEN, SCANNERS and THE HUNGER back in the day when they were new.

    I confess I’ve never read Holy Terror. Then again, I rarely read any new stuff. I was at WonderCon several years ago when Frank Miller was promoting this thing. Always interesting to hear Frank’s musings.


    • Miles is a pretty sophisticated kid, and he’s good at pushing limits, so he’s talked me into letting him see a lot of movies that would appall many parents. I mostly consider the artistic merit of the movie he wants to see, and decide if seeing the movie together can deepen his understanding of film and also give us something to talk about. Through film we’ve been able to map out a context for discussions about drugs, sex, religion, spirituality, politics, and all sorts of things that a young man needs to know as he gets ready for the world (but may prove uncomfortable at times to discuss). Overall we have a great relationship and it helps a lot that I trust Miles not to see things behind my back.

      Aside from showing him Fight Club at too young an age I don’t really regret any of the films we’ve screened together (and Fight Club remains one of his favorites — I just think I shared it with him a year or two early, and it also served to accelerate his teenaged tendency toward cynicism, which hasn’t been great). In truth, the list of movies I won’t share with him is pretty short … mostly “torture porn” movies like Saw (and pretty much every slasher/dead teenager movie, a genre I find without merit). I’ve also blacklisted A Clockwork Orange and Blue Velvet, both of which I think are great films but we just don’t need to go there yet (and Miles is all over me about A Clockwork Orange, because he’s a Kubrick nut).

      And of course we watch plenty of movies that aren’t about blood and guts, too … recently we’ve seen American Beauty, Doctor Strangelove, Citizen Kane (at a screening, which was cool), Punchdrunk Love, and more I can’t remember right now. We’ve got an ever-growing list of pictures to see.

      Drafting right behind Miles is Jack, 2.5 years younger with little of Miles’ interest in pushing limits (Jack skipped Dredd 3D last weekend while Miles and I were there first day). They’re so different.


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