Vengeance of the Molecule Man!

Vengeance of the Molecule Man!

It’s a new month and with it comes my new Dollar Box column over at … this month I look at the first issue of Marvel Two-In-One: Vengeance of the Molecule Man!

Please check out my review, which is a cherry-on-top for last week’s review of every issue of Marvel Two-In-One … and if you want some advice about how to acquire lost comics treasures like Marvel Two-In-One, don’t forget yesterday’s article which chronicles my pursuit of this and other old comics issues on eBay.

Thanks to for hosting The Dollar Box, which appears the first Wednesday of every month and looks at comic books with a cover price of a dollar or less (and good luck finding them so inexpensively today!) And if an original copy of Marvel Two-In-One #1 is too expensive for your budget, remember you can read the entire issue on-line over at Mars Will Send No More!


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