Super Tuesday: Fun And Games

This week’s advertising blast-from-the-past is for Marvel Fun And Games Magazine, which ran thirteen issues from 1979 to 1980. While this was a harmless line extension for Marvel, I remember being vaguely uneasy seeing this ad. In 1980 I was eighteen years old, and ads like this reminded me that comic books were “kid stuff.”

Now, of course, I’ve grown completely comfortable with my love of childish things, and this ad just inspires a warm glow of nostalgia. Plus, now I know the “What’s Missing” page really “turned on” Spider-Woman! Who knows when that might come in handy!

The Joker might disagree that this mag was “the most fun you’ll ever have with a pencil,” though.

Did anyone ever while away a long car trip puzzling out a Wordweb ™? If so, please tell me what the hell a Wordweb ™ actually was in comments, below!



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  1. I was 11 in 1980, so I thought this was cool. Even so, I think I only had one issue of this, and my memories, never my strong suit, are vague at best on this, so I can’t tell you what a Wordweb is, unfortunately. Just seeing this pictures brings back memories, though.
    I, too, am a lover of “childish” things. Besides the comics and cartoons, I’ve got some of my vintage Star Wars action figures on display on top of the entertainment center.


  2. You are groovy cats! ❤

    And, uh, yeah. The “golden age” of twelve! It is, well, golden! Solid! And 12! I ❤ it!!! 1979! Bring it on! 😜 lol 💋


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