Super Tuesday: Rage Cage!

Last Super Tuesday I showed you Hulk as a culture vulture. This week’s Hulk is closer to the original flavor, ripping up his shirt in the Rage Cage!

Good thing Hulk’s shirt is “velcrose” so we can put it back together! No word on whether or not The Thing’s shorts rip from his body when he bursts out of his “rock home.” (And here I thought he lived at the Baxter Building).

This was just one of many ads run by Heroes World in Marvel comics of the 1980s. Marvel would later purchase Heroes World and (in)famously make them the sole wholesale distributor for Marvel Comics, tossing a grenade into the comics distribution business, and consigning many comic shop owners to “rage cages” of their own.

photo grabbed from Hulk Blog!

Did anyone ever have one of these Rage Cage toys? Share your memories in comments, below!

TOMORROW AT LONGBOX GRAVEYARD: Legends of the (Digital) Dark Knight!


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  1. Boy, I’d sure like one of those! 😃


  2. It would be more appropriate if it came with patented “Hulk Swat!!” action where he waves his arm, usually with fingers outspread, and all the bad guys go flying off in different directions. As much a part of the Sal Buscema days as the beady little eyes, purple slacks and really bad “Moe” haircut.


    • Elsewhere in this blog I have compared Our Pal Sal to a mayonnaise sandwich, and as a pro who’s primary virtue was to produce enormous volumes of work in a short period of time, his work can be uninspired. But I have come to recognize some virtues in his work, particularly the clarity of his storytelling — plus he was one of the few guys that could make sense of a Steve Gerber script.

      Like his more talented brother, John, Sal reuses the same poses over and over … the problem is they aren’t especially great poses, and his faces tend to look the same. In a lot of ways he’s only as good as his inker (which means look for the issues where Sal shares the masthead with Klaus Jansen or Joe Rubenstein).

      In interviews Sal said he always wanted to be an inker, and only turned to pencils when Marvel put him to it. John B was notoriously picky about his inkers and said that he liked Sal’s work best, but he might just have been looking out for his little brother.


  3. Mayonnaise sandwich, I like that! Yea, I felt exactly the same way about Sal. I came to appreciate him a lot more after Marvel started to miss deadlines and their art started to be all over the place in the later years.

    Curt Swan was another artist who depended a lot on his inker. Not everyone would redraw those tiny legs like Murphy Anderson would.


  4. Has anyone ever seen the Thing version of this toy? He came with white blocks to break up.


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