Panel Gallery: Steve Ditko’s Amazing Spider-Faces

Longbox Graveyard #56

(Read The Reprints: The Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks)

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  1. beautiful art – even the words are more interesting in snapshot rather than being part of a whole leaden story


  2. We talked previously about the things that comics can do that other storytelling media cannot. This gallery shows one of the things that comics can do very well — exaggerating physical features just enough to differentiate characters, and also to show character. Most of the faces in this gallery are impossible, so could not be shown on stage or in TV/film (without special effects). And describing them in prose would not do justice either … but a “show don’t tell” medium that allows for deviations from reality? That is one of the distinctive things that comics can do, setting them apart from other ways of telling a story.

    Ditko and Kirby were both great at this particular aspect of comic art, with maybe Chester Gould being the original master.


  3. What an amazing set of panels! I love them and will be sharing a link to this on my Facebook page.

    A couple of years ago, inspired by a very un-Peter Parker-looking Peter Parker I went through and put together a bunch of panels of Peter’s face over time as one large image.

    You can see it here:


  4. more spiderman


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