Panel Gallery: To Me, My Board!

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  1. I imagine the Surfer’s sentient board speaking like John Gielgud’s Hobson in “Arthur”: “That’s what I live for.”


  2. I’ve been looking for a new catch phrase ………..


  3. Nate again here, and it is impossible for me to state just how cool this is, no matter how many damn times it happens. The Surfer calling to his board is like chocolate cake, or in my case, fried eggs; I just can never, ever get enough.


    • Nothing cooler than the Silver Surfer. He wears out his welcome pretty quick in a solo book, but he’s one the great guest stars in comicdom.


      • I think he has had some good solo runs, like the first series and let’s say the first 60 issues or so of the series that launched in the late 80’s, but all in all, I agree.

        I also wish i could see more of him in The Defenders; there is just something magic about Surfer/Hulk/Namor/Strange interaction.


        • I liked the first four issues of the Surfer’s first 1960s series. After that … not so much.

          Agree that I always wanted more Surfer in the Defenders. I think he was confined to the first few issues …


  4. This blog post left me very board 🙂


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