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Longbox Graveyard #12

A couple weeks ago, Brian Cronin’sComics Should Be Good” column at Comic Book Resources ran a DC/Marvel Top Ten survey. The idea was to name your top ten favorite characters for both DC and Marvel comics. (And the results are starting to appear).

While this isn’t exactly a Marvel vs. DC thing, the effect is the same: blogging red meat! It’s more meaningless than even the average comic book blog, it fills up column space, and it gets fans riled up over all the distinctions-without-a-difference in voting for the different clowns who have worn the Flash costume through the years. It’s a cheap stunt: an easy-to-write column designed to drive clicks.

I find it appalling and I disapprove.

Here are my picks.


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DC Comics Top Ten

#10 Dr. Fate

Just for the headgear. I don’t give a damn about the character, but I love the helmet. Put Dr. Strange in that helmet and I’m all-in.

huh, looks like Dr. Fate grew boobs when I wasn’t looking

#9  Mister Miracle

Yes, he’s ridiculous — an exiled god from an dysfunctional home who wears a red-and-yellow costume and masquerades as an escape artist? But he was the favorite character of a friend I lost to childhood leukemia and I don’t care what you say, the core of the New Gods mythos would make a dynamite motion picture.

(But no Funky Flashman!)

#8  Superman

Love the character — the iconic man of tomorrow standing guard over the ideal big city metropolis. I enjoy the Superman mythos with its bottled cities, science villains, and flying dogs in capes. The character and world are inherently optimistic and utopian, and ultimately, Superman is the only superhero that really matters.

I just never want to read his comics.

is that a rocket in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

#7  Wildcat

Yes, Wildcat. Again, because of the headgear. And also because I think the character is ripe for revival. Wildcat is a prizefighter and you have to try like hell to mess up a boxing story. Stick to the boxing movie formula and even a story about Hugh Jackman fighting with robots looks like a good idea. Mix the sweet science with a fatal disease, the mob, a dame, an orphan, and a little bit of that Barton Fink feeling and I smell a winner!

Plus, Wildcat rides a Cat-O-Cycle.

#6  Aquaman

I don’t care about the comics character — no one cares about the comics character — but the version of Aquaman who frequently appears on the Batman: Brave And The Bold cartoon series is a scream.

Fast forward to 3:50 in this video to see the true Aquaman … the poor schmuck stuck on an RV vacation road trip with his undersea family.

#5  Hawkman

Headgear fetish, part three.

note preference for Golden Age “full beak” Hawkman (these things are important)

#4  Swamp Thing

Frankly you could throw out the first six names on this list. I’ve never been a DC guy and I had to grope around to come up with my ten names. That I put Wildcat on the list and passed up a chance to show Power Girl in her white t-shirt shows how much I am slipping.

Let me correct that.

there you go … Power Girl, plus Superman and Wildcat (yes, Wildcat)

With Swamp Thing we come to the first of the DC characters that I hold in truly high esteem, and not merely because he is the most successful of a host of muck monsters reaching all the way back to The Heap. This admittedly second-tier character has twice been touched by genius, first with Bernie Wrightson’s brilliant character design …

… and then by Alan Moore’s seminal run on the book, which changed the character (and comics) forever. (Moore’s Swamp Thing will eventually get a Longbox Graveyard column all it’s own).

Wrightson’s design is worth a closer look. Swamp Thing’s powerful, hulking build gives him a strong presence on the page, but the character sports subtle touches that lend him uncommon visual depth. Exposed roots on Swamp Thing’s back and shoulders offer highlight points where artists can add visual flourishes and kinks (following artists would have his body sprout moss, roots, and flowers to dramatic effect).

Swamp Thing is just on this side of uncanny valley, with a face that is recognizably human, but sporting craggy brows and a characteristic nose-and-face design than can by turns be human and warm or a mask of skull-faced terror. A classic comic book monster design.

#3  The Flash

My favorite of the Silver Age greats, though I will confess I liked him best as a cartoon character. The sunlit and nostalgic memory of my youth casts the Flash as a safe, colorful, reassuring science hero who was both the fastest man alive and the smartest guy in the room. I particularly loved the “swishing” sound effects deployed every time Flash went for a sprint.

In filling out the ballot over at CBR I probably invalidated my submission by just listing, “The Flash,” instead of “Barry Allen Flash.” But really, is there a greater single indictment of comics than having to identify which Flash you mean when you say, “The Flash?”


And apropos of nothing — instead of the turgid Green Lantern-style disaster that DC is bound to bring to the screen, the Flash movie should be lightly comedic (more The Mask than The Dark Knight) and should star Neil Patrick Harris as Barry Allen.

You’re welcome.

#2  The Joker

DC in general and Batman in particular have a pile of great villains, and I probably could have filled out this list with bad guys alone (and another cheap blog idea has just occurred to me) … but the Joker is clearly DC’s finest villain, and likely would be so even without his apotheosis through the talents of Heath Ledger a couple years ago.

The brilliance of the Joker is in his versatility. He started life as a knock-off of Conrad Veidt, and has survived Jokermobiles, Cesar Romero’s mustache, and Jack Nicholson’s check-cashing to emerge as everyone’s favorite mass-murdering mental patient. The Joker’s bizarre plots resonate more deeply than your run-of-the-mill megalomaniac bent on world conquest. He’s unpredictable and always a twisted delight, seemingly just as at home whether he’s stealing a kid’s report card or putting Batgirl in a wheelchair. You can’t keep a good clown down!

#1  Bat-Mite

No, my favorite DC character is Batman, of course, but where’s the fun in admitting that?

And since I’m tumbling to the blogging cheap trick of a top ten list, I might as well go balls deep and drag this thing out for a second column … so you’ll have to come back in a couple weeks to see my Top Ten Marvel Comics characters!

In the meantime, I’d be delighted to see a nerd skirmish break out in the comments section about YOUR favorite DC heroes along with excoriating indictments of why I was a Philistine to leave (insert character here) off my list!

UPDATE: Mars Will Send No More has posted a rebuttal over at his epononymous blog! Check it out!

NEXT WEEK: #13 The Stuff of Legends — Thor!



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  1. No Ambush Bug?! What kind of a hack list is this?!


  2. Absolutely appalling and juvenile 🙂 But major points for mentioning Barton Fink.

    1 Starfire (my future wife)
    2 Cyborg (the bad dude with a body of molybdenum steel and a heart of gold)
    3 Swamp Thing (guardian of the psychedelic and gateway to universal knowledge)
    4 Green Lantern (the real power is his will power)
    5 The Batman (brilliant, dark, and can beat anybody with his brain)
    6 Wonder Girl (my other future wife, yay for polygamy)
    7 Wildfire (he’s made out of anti-energy?! Yes!)
    8 Timber Wolf (he went to a war planet to plant a seed for his dead buddy!)
    9 Krypto (i don’t even like dogs but he’s so cute)
    10 The Flash (the BART Allen Flash who reads entire libraries before breakfast – smart!)

    Runners Up: Dream Girl (out-hots Power Girl anyday plus i like dreams)

    If we were counting DC-owned subsidiaries, then the list would include:
    1. Elijah Snow (from Planetary)
    2. Jack Marlowe (Hadrian from WildC.A.T.S after he absorbed Emp and Void’s powers and went corporate)
    3. Jenny Sparks, Angela Spica, and Jack Hawksmoor (from Ellis + Millar’s The Authority)

    No villians here because DC VILLIANS ALL SUCK!!!! except for BlackFire and Brainiac.


    • I sense a severe Teen Titans fetish here, Mars.

      Just dug down to the Titans layer of the Accumulation this week and rescued a few books. Looks like I have all the new Teen Titan stuff from about issue #30-forward, which lines me up nicely to fill in the first issues of the run with the Teen Titan Omnibuses that are supposed to be coming out soon.

      (And I just looked at the covers when I was sorting the books, but I’m pretty sure both Wonder Girl and Starfire got married during that run. Sorry to break your heart. Wonder Girl married some dude with a perm-and-chin-strap beard that would make James Brolin jealous, a real Planet of the Apes coif).

      If the movie hadn’t taken a dump on the character I might have put Green Lantern on my list. I just forgot about him. (I mean, I really can’t defend Wildcat on my list. But he stays.) I’m actually looking forward to the cartoon series — my boys and I are getting tired of Young Justice and Brave & the Bold re-runs.

      And DC villains suck? Really? I’m a Marvel guy but I’d have a hard time backing that one. Batman’s villains alone might be better than anything on offer at another company (for all that the best of them just copied Dick Tracy). Superman has some decent bad guys, too.


      • DC Villians Suck!!! Okay, I forgot Arcane from Swamp Thing. That makes three good vilians. Ok, and the Titans had good villians thanks to Marv Wolfman.

        %$#&! Paul, now my list is up to about 20! How did you drag me into this?! I didn’t even count Sandman and Death! ARGH! Vertigo too? I even forgot Matty from DMZ! I want a do-over.

        The first 65 or so Wolfman/Perez Titans are a huge favorite of mine. Consistently the best series DC put out that wasn’t under the Vertigo label. Don’t worry about continuity on Starfire and Wonder Girl marriages – we can just re-launch all that!


        • I told you Top Ten Lists were red meat for blogs. If you’re up to 20, then you’ve got the outline of a post for your blog … get one up over there and I will visit to throw eggs.

          And c’mon … even setting aside the Batman villains, we’ve still got Metallo, General Zod, Lex Luthor, and that other guy with Superman; some decent-second stringers chasing the Flash around; and that giant starfish thing that menaced the JLA. Plus that giant gorilla guy with the brain of a genius and the malevolent caterpillar that fought Captain Marvel. And just because you exclude Kirby villains from the equation doesn’t mean Darkseid misses the list.

          Plenty of great DC villains and I’m not even trying hard.


          • Luthor sucked until John Byrne got a hold of him. Brianiac sucked until they made him a robot. I hate them all. Boo caterpillar (there’s a rotten egg for you.) Boo starfish. Boo Sinestro. Boo Gorilla Grodd – you really have to embrace campiness to even consider him (or her?) in a story. Boo Two-Face (coin flipping moron.) Boo Joker (get a wardrobe.) Boo Bizarro. Boo Darseid for having a GREAT gimmick (anti life equation? rock!) but ZERO character. Boo Reverse Flash (ugh, who phoned in that one.)

            Ugh. I just want to take them all and make them fight Dr. Doom – like in the second Superman/Spider-man Team-up. Marv Wolfman made up all the good villians: Trigon, Terminator, Psimon, Blackfire, Gordanian Slavers, etc.

            My theory is that they were all made up in the Silver Age, when the stuff was for kids, as opposed to Marvel Villains which really came about in the Bronze Age and were written for older teens and college kids.

            I have now fulfilled my comittment to engaging in childish tomato tossing on this post! Next thing you know, our mothers will have to separate us and ground us from playing action figures together for a month! Lucky for you, I have some sweet plastic dinosaurs we can set up in the back yard when it rains.


            • A backyard brawl is exactly what I wanted. Hopefully some other kids will jump in.

              And how could I forget Bizarro … the greatest DC villain of them all. I should adjust my Top Ten and punt Superman in his favor.

              If we’re talking DC vs. Marvel villains it might be a depth versus quality issue. Compare the top fifteen from each line and Marvel might win #1-5, but DC is going to be stronger #10-15. That Batman lineup is tough to beat, whatever you may feel about the Joker’s tailor.

              And finally … I love DC’s gorilla obsession. At least once a year DC has to go totally off the rails and service their stupid gorilla continuity. Of which I approve.


  3. And before you ask why I didn’t include Kirby, it’s because I think of Kirby characters as KIRBY characters not DC characters


    • There’s a phalanx of lawyers who’d disagree but I take your point.

      Still, if we factor Kirby Characters out of the equation pretty much the entire structures of comics since 1961 flat-out collapses.


  4. My own list of the best DC characters… my reasoning for inclusion is mostly based on how well they’ve been written over the years and how well they’ve evolved as characters with likable and heroic (or unheroic) personalities.

    10) Hitman (Tommy Monnahan)
    9) Swamp Thing (Alec Holland)
    8) Mr. Nobody (of the Brotherhood of Dada)
    7) Sandman (from Neil Gaiman’s series)
    6) Joker
    5) Barbara Gordon (Batgirl/Oracle)
    4) Cliff Steele (Robotman II)
    3) Tim Drake (Robin III/Red Robin)
    2) Jack Knight (Starman V)
    1) Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing/Batman)

    There are several characters who I wanted to include: Ted Kord (Blue Beetle), Guy Gardner (Green Lantern), Batman (Bruce Wayne), the Riddler (Edward Nigma), but their characterizations have been frequently inconsistant I left them off.

    Oh, and Batman has the best costume of anyone. Ever.


    • How nice to see Scott Rogers — bon vivant, man-about-town, and creator of The Mighty Bedbug — here at Longbox Graveyard.

      Some good choices here, and interesting to see Swamp Thing keeps popping up (he’s on my list, too, and is the one rational choice that Mars made). Surprised to see you rank Starman so highly — I have a couple graphic novels on the shelf and remember liking them, I’ll have to check them out again.

      I am going to call B.S. on your leaving Batman off your list — inconsistent characterization or no — given that you’ve told me you have every issue of Bats from nineteen-sixty-something to the present date (and you have a standing invitation to publish a guest blog here explaining why you abandoned Bats with this latest relaunch). Batman has to be your number one, or maybe your number zero; I’ll put it down to postpartum depression and give you a pass.

      And speaking of Batman. Best costume ever? WHICH costume? Stubby ears or pointy ears, flowing cape or opera cape, and most important — black logo, or yellow bulls-eye chest emblem?

      Choose wisely …!

      (thanks for reading and posting, Scott)


    • Ahhhh, fresh meat!

      Top Ten List makers are a cowardly and superstitious lot. That’s why they leave Batman off their lists and include two versions of a teenager who shaves his legs before battle. We must strike fear into their hearts by pointing out that Guy Gardner is a completely flat character who would have had his face punched in by Superman years ago in any reasonable fiction – even if Supes had to don a yellow glove to do it!

      And this unhealthy Wildcat obsession of our host… There’s a reason he got put on the cover of Secret Origins #3 with Wonder Woman… because he’s for girls! So he’s a boxer. His profession is named after a piece of undergarment!

      Irrationally Yours,

      p.s. thanks for the link to our rebuttal, Paul! Let Steve know we were just kidding 🙂 Our Robocop action figure is going to totally stomp all over these DC guys anyway next time you come over and hang Luthor’s purple plants out to dry.


      • In Scott’s defense I think he’s including Batman out of his list to make more room for other characters (then stuffing him back in with a rider, like some low rent Congressman). It’s an old trick, no more or less underhanded than, say, putting thirty guys on your Top 15 list which someone named Mars did at his own blog.

        Totally with you on the Guy Gardner critique, but then I am an Earth-1 purist, meaning I don’t need a Green Lantern besides Hal Jordan, however much violence Ryan Reynolds may have done to the mythos. Likewise there is only one Flash, and his name is not Jay Garrick.

        But Wildcat … you are missing the boat on Wildcat. He wears a dumbass cat head mask and rides a Cat-O-Cycle but he’s still the toughest guy in the bar. Plus, he taught Batman how to fight. There’s an alternate universe (Earth-wtf?) where I never left comics and wrote a critically-praised Wildcat book for Vertigo that recycled boxing movie tropes and turned Wildcat into a street level hero that out-Daredeviled Daredevil and made the cast of Sin City look like monks in a lunch line.

        (A rich internal fantasy life — in addition to a growing comic book blog — is essential to maintaining my sanity).


        • Ok Wildcat is cool. We confess to throwing rotten eggs just to make a mess big enough that you’d have to pitch your story to Vertigo to show us what dummies we are. If we were going to be superheroes, we would totally dress up as one of the big cats and beat the living %$#@ out of the drongos. In fact, we’re thinking about doing it tonight. Do you know where we can get a cool mountain lion sticker to put on our Scooter and call it the Coug-mobile?


          • Seems to me the Coug-Mobile would be better suited to well-turned-out-ladies of a certain age (but maybe that’s not a bad thing).

            The only problem with my Earth-WTF counterpart is that while he became a successful writer for Vertigo, he also drank himself to death at age 39. You take the good with the bad.


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    • You know, Mr. NCAA 18in Titanium Necklace (and may I call you “NCAA?”) … this is terrible spam. Really terrible. But damnit, I DO so wish to possess a good morning.

      So you get through the spam wall. Just this once. Bless your little brown eyes.


  6. superman is the srongest superhero of all time,he is no match ..even for hulk ..he is just one of my favorite hero …. u can check my blog as well for the new comic release…i have tons of collection 😀


    • Thanks for posting!

      I like Supes plenty, but he’s a hard character to get right. I should probably check out Grant Morrison’s revised take on the character in the new Action comics. It’s hard to write the adventures of an invulnerable character who can do pretty much anything … but I love the mythology and the optimism of that character. I’d be looking forward to the new movie if it wasn’t directed by the genuinely awful Hack Snyder.


  7. For what it’s worth: Batman is a dick and I care about Aquaman.


    • Batman is NOT a dick! He’s not! (stifles tears). He’s not. You take that back! (crying now).

      I care about Aquaman, too, but it’s the Brave & The Bold Aquaman. And it seems like Aquaman has picked up some fans through what is supposed to be a superior re-launch in the New 52. But … do you care about the orange-shirted, seahorse-riding, pre-hook hand Aquaman of Adventure Comics fame?

      Do you?

      Do you really?

      If so … respect.

      (and thanks for reading and posting)


  8. OK, Aquaman. I like him. Very underrated. Not just the “guy who talks to fish”. Anyway, I have “The Quest For Mera” in those little digest sized Adventure Comics, and re-read them a couple of years for the first time in decades. I enjoyed it a lot. I then bought the four issue miniseries from 1987 (I think) and like that, too. I recently bought and read The Death of a Prince trade paperback, and while I wouldn’t give Aquaman a Father of the Year award, I liked that, too. I’ve read a couple of the Peter David issues, and while I hate the hook hand, I thought his take on Aquaman was very interesting. I’m intrigued by the recent Aquaman series, but I’ll probably wait a while for the trade paperback to come out and maybe even try to buy it used, as my comic budget these days is close to nil.


    • I will admit that my affection for Aquaman pretty much begins and ends with the bearded buffoon belting out the showtunes on Brave & The Bold. I have a Rick Veitch Aquaman run here that I keep meaning to finish — Aquaman has a hand made out of water and he’s mixed up with Arthurian mythology somehow. S’okay, but my choice underwater enemy of crime is the borderline insane Sub-Mariner, about which more in next week’s Longbox Graveyard, when I review Super-Villain Team-Up!


  9. Oh, I love the Brave & Bold Aquaman!! I miss that show. 😦
    I have trouble getting into Sub-Mariner. To me, he’s just a jerk, just for the sake of being a jerk. I’ll take Quicksilver if I’m in the mood for a Marvel jerk. Still, I did kinda like him when he was in the Avengers. I can’t believe I just typed that. I think I liked the way he interacted with Hercules (with the competitiveness they had) and with Captain America (like old war buddies).


    • Sub-Mariner is just so badass that I can’t hold a grudge against him. I prefer to think he’s just ahead of the curve — he was complaining about pollution and attacking Japanese subs well before it was fashionable. The dude is responsible for the other 70% of the planet and he gets no respect. No wonder he’s cranky all the time.


  10. ok, here’s my blog rebuttal. Blogbuttal. Rebloguttal. Whatever.
    Wildcat…(shakes head, walks away)


  11. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for G’nort.


    • Not afraid to admit that this had me scurrying to Google … but now I think I have another Obscure Animal Hero to investigate. Thanks for the tip (and thanks for the post!)


      • You didn’t know G’nort?! The greatest of the Green Lanterns?! OK, maybe not, but I did enjoy him in the Giffen/DeMatties JLA.


        • The Giffen/DeMatties JLA was my favorite incarnation of the team. As a child I used to love Guy Gardner, so this probably plays an important part in my love for the team. Too bad they ruined Guy back in the day by giving him the yellow power ring, and then the horrible powers in Guy Gardner Warrior. *Must control rage*


          • I have about the first dozen of those Giffen/Dematties JLA’s in my Accumulation, Jeremy, and they’ve been in my “to be read” stack for about a year now. I jumped on that series with some enthusiasm when DC did their big post-Crisis reboot in the 1980s — along with the Superman books and Swamp Thing, it was one of my favorite DC books of the era. I was surprised to see I had so few of them, as much as I remember liking the book I wonder why I didn’t stick with it longer. These books do date from near the end of my great 1980s comic collecting period and may well have gotten caught in some Extinction Level Event when I gave up on the hobby entirely.

            I know Keith Giffen mostly from his run on Defenders over at Marvel with the half-mad David Anthony Kraft, an era that would have seemed even stranger if they hadn’t followed the deeply-strange Steve Gerber onto that book. It’s not JLA but it is Giffen and I hope to review that series sometime in 2013 at Longbox Graveyard.

            Thanks for reading and posting, Jeremy!


        • My Green Lantern Fu is not strong. I read Green Lantern Corps in the 1980s for a bit and always kinda liked the character but I’m far from an expert.

          I do like animal heroes in the Green Lantern Corps, though. They have a squirrel, right? I remember a squirrel. He was in the animated TV show, too, which was just getting traction when Cartoon Network put it on an inexplicable hiatus.


  12. I am no great DC fan, But no….Deadman,?? Where’s Deadman ???


  13. Batman will never lose popularity. He’s the top superhero and since they’re not inventing new superheroes much anymore, they’re going to have to reinvent him or reboot him to keep the movie dollars pouring in.


  14. I always enjoy a good Top Ten list! I’d swap your Joker and Batman around and add in Wonder Woman for my money though!


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  16. Thank you for giving me the courage to admit that sometimes I like a character just for the headgear! I customize Mego figures and have a hella good time creating the oddball helmets and such of various Marvel and DC characters.
    My Hawkman is here:
    I think you’ll like it! Feel free to look the others over.
    I have made several Nova helmet versions, Nighthawk and a really fun Wolverine that is just an old repainted Batman head. Lots of fun!
    Let me know if you approve!


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