March Madness Super-Animal Showdown — Championship!

Our March Madness Super-Animal Showdown has reached its climax!

The Final Four saw Lockjaw handily beat Devil Dinosaur, while top seed Krypto had his paws full with Howard the Duck, who led much of the week before fading down the stretch.

The stage is set for a truly dog-eat-dog final!

It’s overdog versus underpup as the tournament’s prohibitive favorite squares off against the Wurfing Cinderella …

#1 Krypto (d. Howard The Duck 55-45) vs. #11 Lockjaw (d. Devil Dinosaur & Moon Boy, 72-28)

Krypto vs. Lockjaw!

Who will emerge as the top dog in the Longbox Graveyard March Madness Super-Animal Showdown? As always, your votes will tell the tale (tail?)

Get voting, and get commenting! This is the moment of truth!

Thanks to everyone who has participated in this year’s tournament — it’s been a blast! And for the record, here’s how the whole thing unfolded …

Final Round

Daredevil Debuts On Netflix!

Daredevil debuts on Netflix today!

Daredevil on Netflix

While Daredevil may be the new hotness for TV fans, he’s long been a hot topic here at Longbox Graveyard. Here’s a whole pack of Daredevil-related articles from the Longbox Graveyard, to get you in the mood for his multi-hour television epic!

Earlier this month, I looked at Daredevil’s origins with a review of Daredevil #1

Daredevil #1

Daredevil figured prominently in my Top Ten lists of great Marvel characters, and “manliest” superheroes

that's why they call him Daredevil

I offered a brief review of Daredevil’s Silver Age adventures in this Longbox Shortbox …

Gene the Dean

I’m still conflicted about Brian Michael Bendis’ Daredevil run

Daredevil, Alex Maleev

How about this provocative comics creator quote that Daredevil was Marvel’s only “true” crime fighter?


Chasing Amazing’s Mark Ginocchio provided insight on two of the key characters in Daredevil’s life — reporter Ben Urich, and the Kingpin, an enemy so arch that he’s in the Top Ten villains list for two different superheroes


… and you can find plenty of awesome art in my Daredevil and Elektra Pinterest Galleries!

Now I am off to binge-watch Daredevil on television! Truly, we live in a geek Golden Age.

Please share your reactions to the show — and all things Daredevil — in the comments section, below!

Elektra Gallery

Visit my Elektra Gallery on Pinterest!

Daredevil & Elektra

(View all Longbox Graveyard Pinterest Galleries HERE).

March Madness Super-Animal Showdown — Final Four!

The NCAA Basketball Tournaments may be calling it quits, but the March Madness Super-Animal Showdown is just getting to the good stuff!

Our Final Four is set after a quarterfinals round that saw favorites Krypto and Howard the Duck cruise into their semi-final matchup, while underdogs Devil Dinosaur and Lockjaw both scored upsets to set the stage for an all-Kirby semi on the other side of the bracket!

Let’s meet our Final Four!


#1 overall seed. Defeated Max, G’nort, and Comet to reach the Final Four.

Adventure Comics #210

First appearance: Adventure Comics #210 (March 1955). Created by Otto Binder and Curt Swan.

Howard the Duck

#4 seed. Defeated Hoppy the Wonder Bunny, Throg, and Gorilla Grodd to reach the Final Four.

Howard the Duck #1

First appearance: Adventure Into Fear #19 (December 1973). Created by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik.

Devil Dinosaur & Moon Boy

#7 seed, and entered the tournament as a “play-in” candidate, having been passed over in the committee’s initial seeding. Defeated Titano, Mr. Mind, and Rocket Raccoon to reach the Final Four.

Devil Dinosaur #1

First appearance: Devil Dinosaur #1 (April 1978). Created by Jack Kirby.


#11 seed, and the lowest seed still standing, wearing Cinderella’s glass slippers on all four of his floppy feet. Defeated Lockheed, Ace the Bat-Hound, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to round out the Final Four!

Lockjaw & The Pet Avengers

First appearance: Fantastic Four #45 (December 1965). Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

All right … you know the drill … it’s time to vote for your favorite Super-Animals! Here are the semi-final matches!

Krypto (d. Comet, 79-21), vs. Howard the Duck (d. Gorilla Grodd, 56-44)

Krypto vs. Howard the Duck

Devil Dinosaur & Moon Boy (d. Rocket Raccoon, 60-40) vs. Lockjaw (d Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 67-33)

Devil Dinosaur vs. Lockjaw

Here’s your up-to-the-second tournament breakdown!

Final Four

Some tasty match-ups here … and the Final is going to be amazing! Meet me back here next week for the championship match, and be sure to cheer on your favorite in the comments section, below!

Off To WonderCon!

My 2015 convention season gets under way this weekend as I attend WonderCon in Anaheim.

WonderCon 2015

I have a room at the show and will be attending all three days, though scheduling conflicts ensure I won’t arrive until late on Friday night, and will have to miss most of Saturday at the show, too. Still, Longbox Graveyard readers who would like to connect should email me or ping me on Twitter — maybe we can work something out!

See you at the show!


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