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March Madness Super-Animal Showdown!

March means the NCAA Basketball Tournament here in the United States, but more important for loyal Longbox Graveyard readers, it also marks the return of comic book March Madness!

Last year we matched great comic book second bananas in a sixteen-sidekick superhero tournament, with Bucky Barnes coming from behind to defeat Robin in the final!

This year, we’re going primal, with sixteen comic book critters facing off in the March Madness Super-Animal Showdown!

Legion of Super-Pets

The guidelines for a character’s inclusion in the tournament are simple:

  • They must be an animal.
  • They must be super.
  • They must make their first appearance in a comic book.

Working from this criteria, the March Madness Super-Animal Showdown Committee (me) offers the following preliminary list and seeds:

  1. Rocket Raccoon: Furious and furry star of The Guardians of the Galaxy.
  2. Krypto: Superboy’s loyal space hound.
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: All four for the price of one entry!
  4. Howard The Duck: Trapped in tournament he never made.
  5. Gorilla Grodd: The Flash’s simian arch-enemy.
  6. Ace The Bat Hound: Batman’s redacted pet.
  7. Lockjaw: Wurf.
  8. Comet: Supergirl’s flying horse!
  9. Streaky: Supergirl’s flying cat!
  10. Lockheed: Kitty Pryde’s dragon companion.
  11. Throg: The Frog of Thunder!
  12. Redwing: The Falcon’s … uh … falcon!
  13. The Spectacular Spider-Ham: Puntastic Spidey simulacrum.
  14. Proty: All versions of the Legion’s protoplasmic pal.
  15. Captain Carrot: Leader of the Zoo Crew.
  16. Cosmo: Space dog and Rocket Raccoon’s arch-rival!
  17. Detective Chimp: World’s Greatest Chimp Detective.
  18. Beppo: Last monkey of Krypton.
  19. Storm: Aquaman’s Seahorse!

You will notice that the last three names on this list are in italics … this is because the field for the March Madness Super-Animal Showdown is limited to sixteen entries! As of this hour, Detective Chimp, Beppo, and Storm are on the outside looking in …

Super-Animals ... extinct??


The floor is now open to argue over the field for the March Madness Super-Animal Showdown! Post your opinions, in the comments section, below:

  • Think Beppo, Storm, or Detective Chimp belongs in the field? Tell me who they replace!
  • Have I overlooked a worthy candidate? How about Devil Dinosaur? Maybe Aquaman’s giant octopus pal, Topo? Sound off!
  • Do you take issue with my seeding? Tell me why Rocket shouldn’t be #1, or why Gorilla Grodd doesn’t deserve the nod at #5.

The official bracket of sixteen — and our first round of voting — will appear here on Monday, March 16th. That gives you one week to help me improve our bracket, after which … may the best Super-Animal win!

Here is the schedule for the entire March Madness Super-Animal Tournament:

  • March 9: Selection Monday
  • March 16: The Round of Sixteen
  • March 23: Elite Eight
  • March 30: Final Four
  • April 6: Championship!

All right … get commenting!

The Unspoken Decade!

This month’s praise-for-the-other-guys is for The Unspoken Decade!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.05.19 PM

The brainchild of friend-of-the-Longbox-Graveyard Dean Compton, the Unspoken Decade looks at comics of the 1990s — a sometimes-reviled period that Dean asserts is worth a fresh look (and sometimes — but not always — fresh mocking).


Dean and his many co-bloggers look not only at Dean’s personal favorites like the Punisher and Darkhawk, but they cover Indie comics, too, and a generous chunk of DC’s output, including the very-good 1990s Starman reboot


I was in my Odinsleep away from comics in the 1990s, and to be honest most of the books I’ve seen from that era were pretty cringeworthy … but Dean’s efforts at the Unspoken Decade have helped me find a few classics I might have otherwise overlooked. And as for the schlocky stuff that Dean so happily lampoons — well, that just serves to reinforce my notion that the “golden age” of everything is, “twelve!” If I’d come of age in the nineties, like Dean, instead of two decades earlier, then Longbox Graveyard might look a lot like the Unspoken Decade!

So mouse on over to the Unspoken Decade, and remember the era when heads were small, biceps were big, and superior firepower was the solution to every woe! Then head on back to Longbox Graveyard, to read Dean’s many guest contributions to this site, including next week’s look at The Rampaging Hulk!

Spider-Man Covers Gallery

Celebrate Spider-Man’s transfer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Visit my Spider-Man Covers Gallery on Pinterest!

Amazing Spider-Man #121


(View all Longbox Graveyard Pinterest Galleries HERE).

Fifty Shades Of Grey Comic Books

Fifty Shades of Grey Comic Books!

If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

Fifty Shades of Grey Comic Books

Happy (early) Valentines Day, from Longbox Graveyard — whatever your kink may be!

(A Longbox Graveyard No-Prize goes to the first reader who identifies the gent in the center of the valentine).

Marvelous Mythology

Several days ago I had the pleasure of participating in a podcast with my old pals over at the We Talk Podcasts network.

Marvelous Mythology

The topic was Marvelous Mythology, a new book by Todd Frye, which recounts the origins of the Marvel Universe. The We Talk Comics crew was kind enough to have me on the show as a guest expert on Silver Age Marvel Comics as we interviewed Todd about his book.

It was great to be on a podcast again. Thanks to Mo at We Talk Comics for having me on! You can listen to the podcast here, and don’t forget that all of my podcast appearances are archived on my podcast page!


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